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APPLE Software ...?

Apple Sotfware.

Mac OS X
Jaguar Mac OS X v10.2. The world’s most advanced OS.

AppleScript. Automate repetitive tasks to save time.

iCal. Manage your calendars and share them online.

iSync. The power to synchronize your digital life.

Safari. The fastest and easiest to use web browser.

X11. The common windowing environment for UNIX systems.

iLife: The Digital Hub
iTunes 3. Manage your music, burn CDs and sync to iPod.

iPhoto 2. Get, save, organize, share and enjoy digital photos.

iMovie 3. Making digital movies is as fun as using your iMac.

iDVD 3. Put your Desktop Movies and digital photos in motion (requires an Apple SuperDrive).

AppleWorks. Get all you need to create pro-quality documents.

Final Cut Express. Now you can edit video like a professional.

Keynote. A new generation of presentation software.

Pro Applications
Cinema Tools. Advanced tools for film and 24P HD video.

DVD Studio Pro. Professional DVD authoring made simple.

Final Cut Pro. Optimized for the G4, it delivers powerful movie editing.

Shake. Industry-standard compositing and effects for film and HD.

.Mac. Internet essentials designed for the Mac user.

Backup. Save your important files to iDisk, CD or DVD.

Slides Publisher. Share your memories as a personalized screensaver.

iDisk Utility. Transfer and exchange files too large to email.

Mac OS X Server
Mac OS X v10.2 Server. Get an extra-strength server operating system.

Apple Remote Desktop. Manage Mac systems from network or Internet.

WebObjects. Create powerful Java server applications.

QuickTime Player. Free cross-platform premier multimedia player.

QuickTime Pro. Powerhouse media authoring.

QuickTime Streaming Server. Broadcast streaming digital video.

QuickTime Broadcaster. Live encoding software to produce online events.
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