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Pearson Education Apps on Mac OS X. Pearson Education will deploy its KnowledgeBox digital learning system on Xserve the first quarter of 2003. SASIxp™ student information system will be on Mac OS X in the third quarter.

Apple Professional Development (APD). APD consultants can help you meet today’s challenges of finding innovative ways to improve student achievement, promoting quality teaching, and motivating students.

iLife and Keynote Offer. Apple is now offering an iLife and Keynote package for U.S. K-12 and Higher Education — at the exceptional price of $14.95. (Terms and conditions apply.)

NSBA Site Visit to Henrico. Please join the National School Boards Association in a site visit to Henrico County Public Schools, Richmond, Va. See and learn how instruction is being transformed through Henrico’s Teaching and Learning Initiative.

X for Teachers Extended. The X for Teachers program has been an outstanding success with nearly 300,000 teachers participating in the program to date. Apple is pleased to extend the program through March 31, 2003.

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